Beko 6.5kg Front Loader

Beko 6.5kg Front Loader

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Beko 6.5Kg Front Load Washing Machine Features Brushless Motor, Anti Allergy+, Liquid Detergent Drawer, Xpress Super Short (14 Min) Wash, Pet Hair Removal, Fashion Care and so much more.

BRUSHLESS MOTOR TECHNOLOGY: The Beko washing machine features brushless motor technology. Brushless motor offers the following advantages:

  • Extended motor life
  • Increased mechanical action ratio
  • Better torque and speed characteristics
  • Uniquely patented unbalanced load detection

ANTI-ALLERGY+: Specially designed to care for babies and toddlers or for people with sensitive skin, it extends the washing time and applies extra rinsing to avoid allergy problems related to sensitive skin.

LIQUID DETERGENT DRAWER: This special compartment in the Beko is designed for alternative detergent usage. This compartment gives the opportunity to use liquid and concentrated liquid detergents with the time delay option.

DAILY XPRESS WASH: You no longer have to wait hours for your daily wash to be ready, with the Daily Quick programme you can wash a large load of lightly soiled laundry, in 39 minutes or under.

XPRESS SUPER SHORT (14 MINUTES): This program is suitable for slightly soiled, unstained and small amounts of laundry, such as socks, towels, bed sheets and t-shirts that have been used only once. Xpress Super Short washes a 2 kg capacity load at 0-30°C in just 14 minutes.

PET HAIR REMOVAL: A smart solution for pet lovers with a function that removes pet hair on laundry during the wash cycle. When this function is selected, your machine adds a pre-wash and additional rinsing steps to the normal cycle

FASHION CARE: Designed for delicate and designer clothing items made of materials like viscose and rayon. This program features extra gentle agitation so you can wash your clothes confidently without worry of damage.

WOOL PROGRAM: Wool program washes delicate woollens even more gently than you can by hand. This special washing cycle with its smart control will ensure that woolen garments are washed without damage. Moreover, by adjusting the optimum water level fibres will not absorb too much and become damaged and stretched.

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