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CHiQ 142L Hybrid Chest Freezer [Factory Second]

CHiQ 142L Hybrid Chest Freezer [Factory Second]

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Capacity: 142 litres


  • Height: 835mm
  • Width: 635mm
  • Depth: 556mm


  • Switch From Fridge to Freezer: Enjoy the flexibility of converting your appliance between a refrigerator and a freezer with just the flip of a switch. Perfect for adapting to your cooling or freezing needs without the need for two separate units.
  • Inverter System: Equipped with an advanced inverter system, this appliance ensures efficient energy consumption while maintaining consistent temperature control. This technology not only saves on electricity bills but also extends the lifespan of the unit by minimizing wear and tear on its components.
  • Electronic Control: Featuring user-friendly electronic controls, this appliance allows for precise temperature adjustments. The intuitive interface makes it easy to set and monitor the conditions inside your fridge or freezer, ensuring your food remains perfectly preserved.
  • Interior LED Light: Illuminate the contents of your appliance with built-in LED lighting. This energy-efficient solution offers clear visibility, helping you find items quickly without leaving the door open for too long, thus saving energy and maintaining the internal temperature.
  • Sliding Removable Basket: Maximize storage flexibility with a sliding removable basket. This feature allows for easy organization of your items, making it simpler to access what you need and manage space efficiently. The basket can also be removed for cleaning, ensuring your appliance stays hygienic.
  • Child Lock: Keep little ones safe and prevent accidental changes to your appliance settings with the child lock feature. This safety function ensures that the controls cannot be tampered with, giving you peace of mind that the internal temperature and settings remain as you set them.
  • Wire Mesh Partition: Organize your items with ease using the wire mesh partition. This feature helps in segregating different types of food or products, improving airflow around items, and making it easier to keep track of your stock, ensuring nothing gets buried or forgotten.

12 Months Warranty

Has some cosmetic damage around electronic display. Has no effect on working condition of this unit.

S/N 360036799