*Current Model* Electrolux 7.5kg Front Loader [Carton Damaged]

*Current Model* Electrolux 7.5kg Front Loader [Carton Damaged]

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Capacity: 7.5kg


  • Height: 850mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Depth: 575mm


  • Full Wash 60: Our Full Wash 60 lets you wash an entire load of normally soiled items in just 60 minutes without compromising on the wash result
  • Daily 39: A fast 39 minute wash for a larger load up to 5.5kg, you can have your fashion favourites cleaned quickly without having to sacrifice on the quality of your wash
  • Quick 15: A quick 15 minute wash for small or delicate loads up to 1.5kg. Ideal for cleaning and refreshing any urgent items you might need
  • Add Clothes: With our Pause To Add Clothes function, you can quickly add those forgotten items. It can only be used when the water level is below the door and on programs where the water temperature is less than 60 Celsius

12 Months Warranty

This item may or may not come in it's original packaging as it is a carton damaged item.