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Samsung 8.5kg/6kg Washer Dryer Combo [Current Model ]

Samsung 8.5kg/6kg Washer Dryer Combo [Current Model ]

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Capacity: 8.5kg / 6kg  


Height: 850mm

Width: 600mm

Depth: 650mm


  • Condenser dryer.
  • Powerful Hygiene Steam cycle improves the cleaning quality of your wash by releasing steam from the bottom of the drum to thoroughly saturate all items of clothing.
  • BubbleWash to help generate foam by pre-mixing detergent with air and water from the beginning of the cycle.
  • Optional BubbleSoak pre-treatment cycle in which clothes are thoroughly soaked in active bubbles before your wash cycle.
  • Air Wash technology deodorises and sanitises clothes by using super-hot air to remove unpleasant odours and bacteria without chemicals.
  • Drum Clean+ cleans inside the washing machine to reduce odour-causing bacteria without using harsh chemicals.
  • StayClean drawer helps ensure more of the detergent is washed away with a specially-designed water flushing system.
  • Digital inverter technology utilises strong magnets for a quiet and powerful performance.
  • Condenser dryer.
  • Wash Cycles: Air Wash, Cotton, Daily Wash, Drum Clean, Rinse + Spin, Synthetics, Wash + Dry, Wool/Delicates, Cotton Dry, 15Min Quick Wash, Hygiene Steam.

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